Course Modules

Certified Trainer TOT | Become an International Trainer - Implement & Facilitate, Design Deliver Training, Adult Learning Theory

Module I Training Needs Analysis

• Recognize the training cycle
• Define training needs analysis
• Justify why training needs analysis
• List the questions concerning training needs analysis
• Explain methods for collecting data for training needs analysis
• Prepare the training needs analysis executive summary report

Module II Adult Learning

• Compare difference between education and training
• Categorize training areas
• Classify four stages of learning
• Contrast pedagogy and andragogy
• Appraise adult learning principles
• Examine teaching styles
• Identify learning styles
• Describe human brain functions
• Handle MBTI personality types
• Diagram seating arrangements
• Recognize factors affecting adult learning

Module III Planning Training Sessions

• Use different training methods
• Produce learning outcomes
• Compose training plan
• Revise case studies

Module IV Successful Presenter

• Explain what is presentation
• Describe who is successful presenter
• Identify what people evaluate in presenter in ten seconds
• Apply rules of presentations
• Analyze why people become bored
• Contrast significance of colors
• Evaluate the dress code
• Understand body language
• Demonstrate how to improve body language
• Understand how to use voice
• Revise how to use words
• Identify contents of presentation
• Practice how to arrange contents of presentation
• Analyze how people remember
• Manage how to prepare audio visual aids
• Revise how to overcome stage fright
• Illustrate how to deal with questions
• Review how to deal with difficult participants

Module V Assessment and Evaluation

• Define what is test
• Analyze what is assessment
• Explain what is evaluation
• Appraise why assessment is important
• Clarify what are assessment pillars
• Use the assessment cycle
• Categorize the types of assessment
• Describe what are rubrics
• Assemble rubric forms
• Apply key performance indicators KPIs
• Design training evaluation forms

Module VI Final project

• Presentation of final project

Course Description

The course provides participants with the concepts and tools to understands and gain vital skills in teaching and training. Topics covered include training needs analysis, adult learning, planning training programs, successful presenter, and assessment and evaluation.

International TOT Certification | Latest Training Techniques Presentation & Facilitation Techniques, Become an Exceptional Trainer

Target Audience

The course is geared for individuals seeking professional development in the field of teaching or training

Become a Master Trainer | TOT Certification Adult Learning Theory, Training Cycle, Design Develop a Positive Learning Class


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Course Start Date : Friday October 5th ,2018
Duration 5 Weeks Every Friday from 9:30am - 5pm