Sales Diploma

Phase one: Understand Your Customer Before You Start Selling

Sometimes equally skilled employees can’t seem to get the same breaks. More often than not, the more successful employee has a good grasp of something called Business Etiquette, a knowledge of the proper form, rules, manners, or customs required in specific situations, as well as how to carry out those requirements

Learning Objectives

• Explain the basic behavioral styles of customers and how to adapt to each style
• Describe appropriate dress codes
• Demonstrate an effective self introduction, introduction of others, and small talk
• Describe the effect of behavior on professional success
• Identify business etiquette tips for executives in meetings and telephone contacts
• Differentiate between the office etiquette rules for workplace, attire and dress code

Course Content

• Bases for classifying People
• Social Styles Matrix
• Characteristics of each style
• How to deal with each style
• Discover your own Style (self assessment)
• Adjusting Social Styles to fit your customers
• Reactions under Stress
Dress for Success: Looking your Best
• Proper Presentation
• The different Dress Codes
Business Etiquette Tips for Executives
• Communication etiquette: saying and doing the “right” things
• Etiquette on the move
• Rules for office etiquette
• Case Study

Phase two: Start Selling

This module deals with the two key areas, in selling the Process and the People Skills. The first part will show the participants how to go about developing a sales process for their business, using proven successful models we will demonstrate how to adapt the systems to suit their business. The next step will teach the communication skills, attitude and behaviors needed at each stage of the process. Everyone will leave with permanent reference manuals, and pocket reminders, which will assist in installing the practices as permanent procedures.

Learning Objectives

• Participants will understand the sales process
• Able to develop their own sales strategy and sales process
• They will have an insight into what makes people buy
• Know how to deal with prospective customers, present benefits
• Use effective questioning techniques
• Overcome objections and learn different ways to close a sale
• Understand and learn when and how to start the cross-selling process

Course Content

Developing a Sales Process
• Planning and Preparation
• Approaching the customer
• Probing customer needs (the Spin Model).
• Product Presentation
• Handling Customer Objections.
• Closing the Deal

Phase three: Advanced Selling Techniques

This course focuses on three key areas in the selling process: Overcoming Objections, Closing, Up and Cross – Selling techniques

Learning Objectives

• Overcome the most difficult & common objections
• Learn advanced techniques to close the deal
• Understand and learn when and how to start the Up-selling process
• Understand and learn when and how to start the Cross-selling process

Course Content

Overcoming Objections
• Handling most difficult and common Customer Objections.
• Group Exercise
Up -Selling
• When to start Up-Selling?
• Your mindset and attitude during the Up -Selling Process
• Up-Selling steps and techniques
• When to start Cross-Selling?
• Your mindset and attitude during the Cross-Selling Process
• Cross-Selling steps and techniques
Closing the Deal
• Advanced closing techniques
• Group Exercise

Phase Four: Modern Negotiation & Presentation skills

This course will help participants understand the difference between the ordinary and professional negotiators. It will show them the modern negotiation concepts, techniques, and what it takes them to become successful negotiators

Learning Objectives

• Learn the modern negotiation concepts
• Understand the Modern Negotiation Process
• Understand the Modern Negotiation Tactics

Course Content

•Understanding Negotiation
•Modern Negotiation Concepts
•Difference between “ Bargaining “ & “ Negotiation”
•The 4 steps in the negotiation process
•Role play 1
•Modern Negotiation Tactics
•Role play 2
•The RED / Blue Negotiation Game
•Presentation preparation
•Presentation delivery skills with visuals
•Presentation physical skills
•Questions and answers techniques


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* 64 credit hours
Start Date :Friday November 2nd,2018 (Every Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Course Requirements:

* Copy of Graduation Certificate
* Copy from personal ID or Passport