Marketing Diploma

Course Modules

Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process

- Creating and Capturing Customer Value
- Products and Services
- Company and Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

- Analysing the Marketing Environment
- Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
- Product Life-cycle Strategies

Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research

- Consumer Markets & Consumer Behaviour
- Marketing Research

Brand Management

- Creating Brand Equity
- Building Brand Equity
- Measuring Brand Equity
- Other Competitive Strategies
- Managing a Brand Crisis

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

- Communicating and Delivering Value
- Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Chanels
- Channel-Design Decisions
- E-Commerce Marketing Practices
- Personal Selling
- Direct Marketing - Customer Relationship Management


Whether you’re directly involved in the marketing planning, company communications, overall organization image, make decisions that affect organizational strategy or are interested in increasing sales and customer satisfaction, we can show you how to leverage the tools within marketing to strengthen your competitive edge


• Successful marketing campaigns geared to your target market
• Increase your impact on the business bottom line
• Gain marketing expertise and knowledge
• Increase profitability
• Gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
• Build a strong marketing team


This intensive program gives you the hands on tools, techniques and skills you need to create and implement marketing strategy designed to achieve competitive advantage.


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Course Start Date : Saturday September, 29th
Duration: 3 months (Every Saturday 9am-5pm)