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Our Services

  • Access to Canadian Database:
    • Only CanCham Members have access to the Canadian database: a listing of major entrepreneurs and corporations contact information in Canada, citing their activities and fields of expertise.


  • Listing in the CanCham 'Members Database': 
    • Members of the CanCham can publish their company/business profile and contact information in the business category of their business field. A database of Egyptian business community up-to-date and contains accurate and efficient information of the members’ business.


  • Consultancy: 
    • CanCham offers consultancy for legal affairs and transactions, business and management, education, market studies, stock, etc.


  • Business Services and Facilities:
    • CanCham helps in executing your business professionally and accurately by providing conference tools, event organizing, video conferencing, real estate facilities, tools of communication, meet and assist at airports, etc.


  • Participating in Events and Trade Fairs in both countries:
    • Events and trade fairs are rich opportunity for expanding business and executing significant deals. CanChamoffers its members the opportunity to participate in all events and trade fairs between Egypt and Canada.


  • CanCham corresponds with government officials on behalf of its members to solve their problems and needs:
    • Members may face obstacles in the flow of their business mostly related to government routine; CanCham takes care of such regulations and routine and corresponds with government officials on behalf of its members to solve their problems and needs.


  • CanCham members are eligible for different, special, promotion and services in different activities: 
    • All updated offers and business news are delivered directly to CanCham members, and they have the priority for such updates and promotions of any type.


  • Updated Press Release: 
    • CanCham website is continuously updated with important news and information on the Canadian and Egyptian affairs that could be significant to the members’ business or personal requirements. It is also updated with the chamber events and news that would interest the members.


  • Newsletters:
    • CanCham sends a weekly news brief on Canada and Egypt news that proved useful to its members and other interested businessmen.  CanCham also sends a monthly newsletter including its news and other important topics or events coverage to its members and other VIP emails. Members can also promote for their businesses through such newsletters.



  • Acknowledgment of Members in the Periodical Publication:
    • CanCham periodical offers a more publicity medium by writing acknowledgments in attribute to the members. The publication also includes important articles and events coverage important to the business community.


  • Linkage to and between CanCham Members:
    • Business fields are interrelated and dependable on each other, CanCham offers a channel of relating these businesses together where members can display their services and benefit from others under one major database that renders reaching others’ services easier.


  • Advertising with CanCham:
    • Members of CanCham are offered advertisements on the website differing in placements and sizes. Another advertising medium offered by the CanCham is through its periodical publication which is distributed in major business-active places.


  • Applying to the Canadian Entry Visa: 
    • CanCham guides for the Canadian Entry Visa application, procedures, and requirements.


  • Exploring Franchise Opportunities in Both Countries:
    • Franchises are a major interest for business community, CanCham role is to explore these opportunities in Canada and Egypt and present them to its members covering all the aspects related.


  • Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to develop and implement new technologies:
    • CanCham is ready to support small enterprises with all consultancy needed and applications required.