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Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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This program will give you the qualifications you need to move your career forward in the manufacturing and transport, import and export as well as the logistics management industries. You will gain strategic management skills for success in business and government organizations on local and international levels.

This program will provide you with the practical knowledge through simulations, projects, interactive content and practical exercises. Additionally, you will understand how to use data for decision making, become knowledgeable in logistics systems and have the ability to carry out management strategies.

You will learn to design and scale supply chains on local and international levels while gaining the project management and negotiation skills to handle complicated business issues.

You will develop the management skills required to address supply and demand of local as well as imported and exported goods across all industries such as real estate, event venues, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and telecommunications.

With the knowledge gained you will increase you career opportunities in areas of distribution and warehousing, freight and transportation, supply and procurement as well as, operations and materials.

The Master of Supply Chain and Logistics Management program covers the following courses:

Principles of Supply Chain

This course covers the basics of supply chain management and logistics.  With inventory management, e-supply chain and just-in-times techniques you will understand the principle of supply chain. Additionally, you will explore the issues of coordination, integration and collaboration between organizations across the supply chain.

Modeling and Design of Supply Chain

You will examine logistic systems from the theoretical and practical perspective of design and management. Forecasting, inventory control, distribution, logistics/supply chain integration and performance indicators, distribution as well as warehousing and transportation will all be covered in this course.
You will be exposed to decision-making challenges faced in logistics and supply chain management in today’s business environments.  This course will allow you to consider career opportunities in the areas of warehousing, distribution, transportation and management.

Procurement Management Strategies

This course will explore all activities related to the procurement of goods and services such as pricing and negotiation of terms, supplier selection, relations and performance management.

Supply Chain Management and Operations Strategies

This course builds further on the Principles of Supply Chain course covered in this program. Organizational strategy development in the context of operational strategies and supply chain management is the focus of this course in three areas; integration and collaboration, supply chain operations and virtual supply chains.

Business Analytics

This course introduces you to business analytics.  You will explore how statistics and quantitative data analysis is used for decision-making as well as examine and envision modeling and management based on facts.

Practical Logistics

This course will cover operational processes and challenges faced in the management of logistics across a range of supply chain areas such as transportation, management, inventory, warehousing and distribution.

Project Management for Business

This course explores project management across a variety of fields such as logistics and supply chain management, information management and information technology.  You will acquire knowledge and understanding of project management techniques, tools and processes.  

International Logistics

This course will introduce you to today’s major elements of international logistics such as the different modes of transportation, corridors, and nodes and hubs. You will explore at an international level outsourcing and pattern changes, trade production and distribution in addition to transportation and logistics operations from the development perspective of technology and competencies.  This course will also cover the effects of the international trade regulatory environment on international facilities, processes and logistical systems.

Business Research Design

This course will give you the knowledge and skills required to manage any complex business issue you may face from various aspects.

Supply Contracts Management

This course will equip you with the needed tools to handle complex international contracts from negations to foreseeing and avoiding risks.

Sustainability of Supply Chain

This course will concentrate on the relationship between supply chain planning and environmental impact.  You will learn sustainability basics, green supply, reverse and lean logistics such as recycle, reuse and remanufacture practices.  This course will also cover lifecycle assessment, product take-back policies, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and international environmental standards such as ISO 14000.

Supply Chains for e-Business

This course will cover the importance of e-supply chain in business logic while giving you the needed concepts and techniques of e-supply chain design and application from a management point of view.

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