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Marketing Diploma

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Pair your persuasive nature or your former knowledge and work experience with a marketing degree to move to the next level of your marketing career. This program will provide you with essential managerial skills as well as a better understanding of the relationship between marketing and other practical parts of a business.

This program will also develop your ability to plan, lead, execute and monitor marketing efforts with an overall business approach, giving you tools of great value for starting or growing a new or existing business.

You will also be introduced to new and unexpected aspects of marketing that you can start applying.

This Master of Marketing program covers the following courses:

Consumer Behaviour

Multiple media platform will be used to understand, analyse, and evaluate the motivations and behaviour of consumers giving you the tools to develop marketing strategies. You will explore theories on what, where, when, why and how a consumer makes decisions in different market segments.

Marketing Strategies

Clarify, qualify and manage the factors that render a business successful from a marketing perspective. You will be able to apply strategies, address market issues and seize market opportunities for business advancement.

Services Marketing Strategies

Recognise different aspects of service provision, identify issues and develop strategies to manage, create, inform and provide answers to various stakeholder. You will be required to collect factual information and conduct research to design the appropriate service.

Interactive Marketing

Explore different aspects of digital marketing offered through mobile technologies and the internet. You will learn how these new technologies affect traditional marketing practices as well as the available applications serving interactive marketing. Important digital topics will be discussed including; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AdWords, social media, email marketing, digital marketing analytics, and inbound links. Traditional marketing tactics from different domains will be critically analysed such as consumer behavior, brand and product management as well as pricing and promotions to support online strategies.

Marketing Management

Manage market variables and consumer orientation. You will assess how client needs and requirements affect marketing strategies.

Marketing Research

Develop the necessary tools to design a research plan, define sampling methods and analyse market collected data (qualitative and quantitative) are some of the key concepts you will learn in this course. These tools will enable you to implement the best marketing strategies for any organisation.

Marketing Communication Strategy

Marketing communications strategy is essential to keep your product in the minds of targeted customers. For better understanding of communicational techniques, you will learn about marketing communication theories and practices that will lead to build brand equity.

Product Development

Many aspects of product management such as new product development and launch rates, product portfolio, extension of product-line, assessment of strength and weakness of products and consumer’s reactions to new products in a wide range of industries from a product or global context will be covered in this course.

Business and Network Marketing

You will understand the great value behind business relationships and business networking between suppliers, distributers, clients, and stakeholders. You will also learn how product value is created internally and through networks to better compete in the market place.

Business Research Design

This interactive course will use live case studies to provide you with the essential tools and skills to conduct effective business research that identifies business related problems and develop ideal solutions.

Social and Environmental Marketing Principles

Implement marketing principles to current social and environmental issues. You will also learn how to take advantage of frameworks to introduce positive social and environment behaviour.

Corporate Strategic Brand

Brand management which includes assessing, developing, building and measuring performance as well as the effects of digital media on brands will be introduced in this course.  The concepts of brand meaning and value as well as the impact of clients and other stakeholders on these will also be covered. The knowledge gained in this course is crucial to any marketer seeking advancement in their professional career.

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