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Periodical Publication:

CanCham is keen to establish strong bonds with its members and major business figures in the Egyptian market, and positioning itself as the core media between Canadian and Egyptian businesses. Accordingly, CanCham issues a free periodical publication, which covers main topics that would be of interest to entrepreneurs and business authorities. The publication’s main goal is serving the community and providing marketing tools to facilitate communication between CanCham boards and members.


Membership brings credibility to your business. You can increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when you’re identified as a member of a chamber of commerce.


Also members are entitled to get the below benefits in CanCham Periodical Publication:


1. Members can display their opinion in For a Better Egypt article (along with :


Company logo

Members picture



CanCham offers its valued members a advertising service where you can expand awareness of your company by displaying news/announcement in a paragraph format (5 to 10 lines), along with your company's logo.Also CanCham offers its members a top banner Ad on canCham website home page for 2 months.


Mail Shot:

CanCham offers its members a direct advertising, by sending mail shot (over 20,000 e-mails) to announce or to give information about their company’s services.


CanCham Desk Calendar:

Only Members are entitled to receive 10% discount in advertising on the desk calendar.


Corporate Training services:

CanCham offers wide varieties of training programs, in different fields, tailored to the customer’s needs. Members are entitled to receive 20% discount.



CanCham offers its members a free consultancy service by providing expert of advice, such as How to start and do business in Canada?


Recruitment & Hiring:

CanCham offers it members a free recruitment service such as conventional recruitment, online recruitment, mass recruitment, employment fairs and employment advertisement.


Discounted Services in Different Activities:

Members of the CanCham receive special offers in different hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc…


CanCham supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s enterprises with all consultancy needed, applications required and to implement new technologies.


Corresponding with Government officials:

Members may face obstacles in the flow of their businesses, mostly related to government routine. CanCham takes care of such regulations and routines and corresponds with governmental officials, on behalf of its members, to solve their problems and needs.


Guidance with the application of the Canadian Entry Visa:

CanCham helps with the Canadian Entry Visa application, procedures and requirements.


Exploring Franchising Opportunities in Both Countries:

Franchises are a major interest for the community, CanCham help its members to find the right franchise and to explore these opportunities in Canada and Egypt.  

+Publication vol. 16